About KLE Society


Started in the year 1916, a century ago by a dedicated team of seven teachers, the K.L.E. Society has now travelled a long and glorious path of 100 years and is at its biggest milestone of Centenary Celebration. With a clear vision to create a strong educational base in the neglected parts of North Karnataka, these seven teachers, who are more often and rightly described as ‘Saptarshis’, laid the foundation of education in Belagavi, by starting G.A. High School. Now the same society has to its credit, 250 institutions spread across Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa, with more than 16,000 faculty members, more than 1,00,000 students in different courses in the area of healthcare, engineering, arts, commerce, science, law and management.

Under the unparalleled leadership of Dr. Prabhakar Kore, the society and all its institutions have reached enviable heights.


The progress of this huge nation undoubtedly depends upon the trilogy of Agriculture, Education & Health Care. The same constitute the sanctum of the KLE Society. The KLE Society since a century has strived to support this ideology in its own small way.

India crossed the 1 billion population mark last year which implies that we still have the largest educational demand in the next decade. A vast majority of this huge demography resides in rural areas that even today are educationally impoverished. It is through the endeavor of basic education that the KLE Society has tried to unite rural population with main stream India and the world at large.

I assure you that this goal shall be pursued relentlessly until each deserving individual gets his or her access to highest quality of education.